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It's back! My trip to Moab last month was sketchy at best. I hit a diagonal expansion joint coming through Vail that nearly tossed me into the guardrail.
Truck is now down until I can rebuild a number of systems, not the least of which is replacing the lift. (I did a knuckle job, apparently wasn't the full problem)

My springs are now severly sagged on the driver side and I suspect that is pushing the truck out of alignment enough that I'm wearing my tires oddly. Couple that with spent bushings (likely) and you might have an explanation for the DW.

So, what springs to get? I really wanted to pop the 80 arms under there and put some coilovers in, but I think I have talked myself out of it.

OME- I have had OME leafs on a 40 before. Not bad, but not too much lift, and they sagged quickly IIRC. Also stupid expensive now for some reason.
BDS- I had these on my otherwise stock 60. Rode like garbage, even after years of use.
OME coils- Had these on my 80. Not impressed. I think progressives would have been better. In general, I think OME is set up for mild heavy trucks.

What I do: 90% is daily driver to Boulder and back. 10% expo style wheeling with just a little crawling mixed in. Nothing too extreme but my current lift has ZERO rear articulation and rode like crap to boot. Only heavily loaded did it ever smooth out.

Mods: I have a PTO up front, a diesel, and a hardtop, all running on 33's. Nothing too crazy. Ideally, smooth ride with some whoop travel would be nice.

Thoughts? (Retire it and buy an 04 taco you say? lol)
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