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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
I've read about it for years, but never actually experienced it fully. I had been getting a weird steering vibration ever since the ride home from Moab this year, and had been gradually tracing it down.
I found a loose pitman arm, loose knuckle studs on one side, and one wheel bearing was slightly loose. My guess is that several years of pounding the truck on these Maze trips has taken its toll on the hardware.

I thought I had it all fixed, but the problem was still there. At highway speeds, I would hit a bump and it felt like a tire was out of balance for a second or two after. Not a huge deal, but weird. I took the truck by Robbie one day at lunch and in about 5 minutes he diagnosed shot TRE and trunion bearings. Funny part is that the TRE's were replaced 5 years ago or so.

On the ride home that day, I watched a Cherokee nearly wipe out on the interstate from this problem. Bump and then violent wheel shakes and he barely kept it under control to pull over. Friday on the way back from the Boulder, the same thing happened to me. Had to nearly clean my shorts after that experience!

All that said, I will be planning a full on knuckle rebuild along with a lot of other stuff that's overdue.

The tech part of this, is has anyone else with five five five TRE's had similar early failure of these parts? I think the main problem I'm feeling right now is more TRE than trunion, but it all has to go.
Just to clarify, you had not replaced trunion bearings before experiencing the death wobble?

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