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No. I put used 70 series axles under it with unknown mileage. As far as I can recall, all I did was put new rotors and hub seals on it. Pretty sure all bearings remained stock. I replaced the TRE's when I did the swap back in 05.

Back in January, I replaced the trunions, TRE's, and tightened loads of stuff. Better, but still had the occasional "tire out of balance" feel on bumps right up until this trip. This trip was a nightmare on any uneven road surface, even dirt.

I rotated the tires and adjusted the toe out a little while out there. Helped but didn't fix it. On the way home, i noticed it pulls HARD to the right. Left springs are flat, so that kind of makes sense it would pull right. I need to pull a tape, but I'm guessing I have 1/2" more between axles on left than on the right.
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