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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
I'm guessing I have 1/2" more between axles on left than on the right.
I think a trip to the alignment rack would be worth the money. You've been chasing something for a while now. A print out may display the smoking gun. Or at least point to the wheel in question.

If one side is sagging that bad it could be the problem. But has this always been the case or just recently?

Anyway I have OME springs on my 40 that worked very well. Well up until my engine fire anyway. I drove it daily for over a year on them. Speed tested to 100+. The front end has a SR as well. The truck was light. SBC, 2.5" OME with 33's. Stock front bumper, rear is custom by Cruiser Outfitters, no winch, did have a sub tank. Drove like a Caddy after the lift. Mine are older springs before they moved production. Maybe some things have changed?
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