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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Thinking through your logic Barry, if lean contributed to alignment then with cruiser lean your rear axle would stick out towards the right as you drove down the highway, in a more crab-like stance. So you'd have to turn to the right just a little bit to compensate... have you notice you need to hold the wheel to the right a little more? Also how accurately could you measure wheelbase? If your theory holds it should be shorter on the DS.
Other way around. A lean left (drivers) pushes the axles away from center on that side. So driver's side would be something like 91" and passenger side would be 90". Just for fun, I'll put a tape on it tonight and see where it really is.

What I will never understand, is why the cruiser lean starts in the first place, and defies opposite lean when you swap springs R to L. I have read all the threads on various theories. The lean, is the whole reason I considered coilovers in the first place. We all know it will come back, so being able to dial "up" the driver side as it sags seems like a huge bonus.

Marco, I don't have a steering stabilizer. I haven't run one since I did the axle swap and never had an issue until last May. It's a total band-aid, but I agree I need to figure out a way to add one when I fix this.
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