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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Internet wisdom says a steering stabilizer is a band-aid and that may be true in a way. But their job is to damp oscillations and so that argument would have to be made about the rest of your shocks, too. Maybe needing two of them is a band-aid, but upgrading or changing the way yours works is just dialing in your steering IMHO. We don't think twice about matching the suspension springs and shocks, but we believe that lifting the suspension, adding a bunch of unsprung and sprung weight should not have an effect on the steering?
I plan to add one back in when I can figure out the correct length so that it IS dialed in. I have a 40 frame, 60 box, 70 axle, and hybrid link. Standard one won't work, I don't think.

Now, to the second part of your point, this truck has been built like this since 2006. I haven't been monkeying with unsprung weight or altering lift. I have driven it from NC to CO twice...never had an issue like this develop until last year. Only thing that has changed is wear, and sag. Logic would say take wear and sag back out, and damper is not "needed" but still desired for off-road dampening.
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