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Theory confirmed. Left side is 91.25" wheel base, Right side is .75" shorter. I also have a FULL 2" lean to the driver side. Wow.
I looked at the pins in the perches...they are both pushed forward, so the axle is "centered" on the leaves and not cocked sideways.

Looking at the perches, it's clear I should have narrowed them years ago. So, if the torch and welder are coming out, I'm going coils. I held up the 80 arms, and they look like they are perfect for what I'm thinking. I'm going to leave the leaf springs in the rear...basically troopie 70 style. So, I need some 80 parts. I need a front or rear panhard rod, The axle mounts for the arms, and the two frame side mounts for the arms. The rest I plan on fabbing, and I can fab those parts too if necessary, but prefer to start from something just to make it quicker.

No hurry either, this is going to take a while.
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