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Well, I am leaning pretty strong towards getting it. The seller is in no hurry and he is out of town now until Monday. He took the add down from CL because he's going oot and he's tired of dealing with looky loos who don't know what they are looking at.

The interior is pretty ratty but the frame is rust free. There are some smallish rust patches on the body (top of the rear wheel wells and lower left corner of the back window. Tailgate bottom looks clean. Windshield frame looks clean as well. It was a Nebraska truck most of its life, if that counts for anything.

Starts and idles good, power is smooth and steady. I took it out onto 285 from the Morrison exit down to C470 and back. Steers true and it held 65 from C470 up to the Morrison exit on 285 (up the hill). No drive line clunk that I could detect. The rear end seemed a little loud, maybe the rear diff making a low howl. A couple of random clunks in the steering, I suspect it needs TREs possibly. Knuckles are damp and dirty but not spewing gear oil. Hubs, 4wd and low range all felt good. The shift linkage needs to be tightened up, pretty loose and takes a couple of tries to get it into park.

Fluids looked and smelled fine. Oil leak at the rear of the motor. The radiator cap was leaking a bit, but the temp gauge stayed in range. A/C button lights up when you push it, but only blows mildly cool. Passenger rear window doesn't operate but all the others do. Headlights, taillight and turn signals all work. Has a mild lift on it, not OME. Shocks are sort of silver colored and it has an HFS sticker on one back window. Rear springs look like they are sagging some.

My take is that it's far from perfect, but seems to be solid where it counts. He is really interested in a straight across swap for my pickup. He's going to have trouble selling it locally because it is partially de-smogged (no smog pump). I still think I need somebody more familiar with 60 Series trucks to take a look at it with me, and talk me down off the ledge if need be.
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