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Default Help with exhaust choice?

So, the 80 is in need of some exhaust TLC. I measured the temps on the cats and they seemed pretty low, and the temp actually dropped from front to back. Burning a bunch of coolant when the HG was out probably didn't help matters. The pipes have a few dents, the rear of the muffler output is loose, and the O2 sensors are probably original.

So, I think its time.
I was originally looking at the bosal system, but don't want aluminized steel. Second thought was to go with some magnaflow ypipes and cats, as they have a bolt in system. But they don't have a bolt in muffler, etc, so that would require extra work. And even just the parts order was going to be 780, plus some shop time and tubing.

Now I'm thinking of just spending the extra and going with the EMS system. But then I read some info that the resonator with the EMS system is not all that great, and may be better to get a moroso spiral muffler welded into the system to reduce noise.

I'm definitely just after something that is good quality and pretty quiet. No forced induction for me so not after performance gains. I think I'll get a nice boost in power anyway just by replacing the old cats and sensors.

So now the question is, do I drop the money on the EMS system without the resonator and then order the Moroso one separate and then find a shop that can TIG weld stainless, and pay them (what, maybe 150 bucks or something?)

--Total cost of the EMS system w/ Moroso muffler added in would be around 1300 dollars.
--Total cost of a cheapo Bosal might be around 700.
--Total cost of a mid range Magnaflow pieced together would be probably 1000.
--Total cost of just having some repairs done to my system would probably still be in the area of 500 bucks if I wanted to replace cats, etc.
--Total cost of maybe just going somewhere and having a full on system built, I have no idea

I am starting to think about a South America trip so want something that will last, but also don't wanna spend more than I have to as I'm trying to save for that trip, and as much as I like working on the truck, I like adventure more!

One nice thing about the EMS system is (aside from the resonator) I could install myself, which is nice since I'm up in the mountains without ready access to a shop. Then drive to Denver some day and have the resonator welded in.

Any thoughts or recommendations from people? EMS worth the money for a 16 year old car?
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