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A couple of things:

(1) TLCA insurance has skyrocketed and we were going to have to increase the admission fee to just break even. I spoke with Christo and he is going to help us out financially to where we are able to keep the entrance fees the same as they have been since the Rally's inception. THANK YOU CHRISTO!!!

(2) Mike Davidson has generously done the art again this year. THANK YOU MIKE!!!

(3) Rising Sun member Tom Rompies will have his food truck at the event again this year. Please be sure to buy your lunch from him!

(4) We do not have a raffle lined up (yet). We will need more volunteers from the club to contact the vendors and see about getting some donations. We do not have a budget for buying raffle prizes. As it stands, we may just barely break even, after paying our insurance premium, rental for the venue, and paying to have some fliers printed.

(5) I am chairing again this year, and Christo has said he is going to spearhead promoting. Please coordinate announcements and promotions though Christo and I.

(6) We will need a bunch of volunteers on the day of the event. If we can get some volunteers prior to the event we can promote it better and maybe have a raffle.

(7) There are no current plans to have special shirts or merchandise made for the event, however we do plan to sell leftover Cruise Moab stuff as we did last year.

That's all I can think of for now. I will post up additional stuff as new and more information becomes available.
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