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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
At the risk of being really obvious here, this probably bears stating just in case one of our lurkers doesn't know the area implicitly: you can't drive over Rollins Pass, ever. Even with snow. It's illegal, don't do it.

You can hike it, you can (mountain) bike it. No moto, no quad, and no truck. What you can do (when passable) is drive up as far as a parking area below the now collapsed Needle's Eye tunnel, which is about 2 switchbacks past Yankee Doodle Lake. But as has been stated above, you can't even do that now... I've been up there as late as Father's Day when it's still impassible, and that was with a normal spring when leaves came out in March down in town. Could be a later thaw this year... if you want to learn more search our Land Use area and you'll find at least a couple threads about it.

Anyway sorry guys for pointing out the obvious but the thread seemed to have an air of ambiguity to it. carry on!

Good to call out, though for the record I wasn't going to try and drive over, just trying cut about 7 miles off the ski into Radio Beacon mountain. I'll wait for a while, no need to tear up the road. Plus they are getting snow today. Woohoo winter in may!
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