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Not quite sure where to post this since I don't belong here.

At the first left by the 'power thingy' someone droped off a sofa. Yea, that's right a SOFA!!

Up on 248.1 there is an abandon Ford explorer Co. plate 249-UFP. It looks like they had to spend the night up there with a fire in the middle of the road. They also trashed the area pretty good with beer cans and other garbage. We picked most of it up and put it back into the truck through a broken window in the rear, so it's starting to get vanlalized. Talked to C.C. Ranger today and the were unaware of it.

Down on 'B' rd. where the creek overflows the road, at that camp site, there is a 12-14" tree down. Also at the second ck. crossing idiots were once again target shooting and left a **** load of busted clays all over that area and in the creek.

So, that's about it other then the usual amount of trash ppl like to leave behind that we could see.
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