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Any further thoughts on this?

So far I have seen:
-Dunlop D606, which I would consider to be a dual-sport tire. Not what I'm looking for.
-Bridgestone M403/M404, which are medium hard MX tires
-Pirelli Pro Scorpion XC - mid hard DOT legal, Matt likes the rear ok but not the front. Thinking of going to the Dunlop 755/756 for the front. Marco has also been using this tire but is thinking of going to something different (Maxxis Desert IT).
-Pirelli Pro Scorpion MX - not DOT legal
-Pirelli MT43 - DOT legal trials tire - might be too soft?
-Michelin TT
-Maxxis Desert IT
-Dunlop 755/756 - I cannot find this on Dunlop's website (?)

I'm still on my OE set of tires - Bridgestone M59 FR and Bridgestone M402 RR.

For me I spend very little time on pavement, but plenty of dirt roads (Rampart, 717, Argentine, Taylor). Haven't been to Moab yet but hope to soon?

I don't really have any complaints with my current tire setup but I'm not a very picky person when it comes to this stuff. I don't think I'm a very discerning user. But I am wondering if I'm missing out on anything, so that's why I'm considering something different. Might try a Pirelli Scorpion XC in the rear or maybe that Maxxis Desert IT. I like the concept of a DOT rated tire since my bike is street legal (well except for my current tires) and I think Utah might be a little more strict about street-legal tires if I were to get pulled over for any reason.

Need to start comparing prices...any suggestions on where to shop?
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