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I am still on my front Scorpion Pro FIM, about to throw a new one on:

I feel no need to change from this tire right now.

The rear was only lasting me about 3-400 miles so it was not economical.

Over the winter I threw a D606 on the rear mainly because I had it lying around. I only used it for a few rides around town before heading to Rabbitt Valley/Dewey Bridge area/Moab this year for Moto Cruise Moab. I am not sure how far we rode, but it was every day for about a week. That 606 was pretty worn out. It rode OK, but not my favorite.

I just got the maxxis Desert IT in the mail yesterday so it is going on next along with the Scorpion Pro FIM front.

I like Farnham's philosophy on tires, more rubber is better. The Desert IT has a lot of rubber..
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