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Originally Posted by rockrod View Post
Do you have a storage tank? It really improves the air up performance.

Nice work!
I think storage tanks help on the first tire, but after that they're less of a help, possibly even an impediment. When I ran OBA my tank pressure would be a solid 90psi, yet after the first tire would drop to around 45 (while filling) and pretty much camp out there, along with the rest of the system. So then to get air into the rest of the tires you're not only filling the lines in the system, but a larger tank, which at that point is almost in the way. There's obviously some recovery benefit between tires though. To really prove this out you'd want to measure PSI at the compressor and in the tank, record readings before you start, during each tire, etc. And if you put a shut-off valve to & from the tank so you could easily disable it, time yourself on all 4 tires both with the tank and without. I'd be interested to see if in fact it's actually a little faster with no tank.
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