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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Nak, I disagree....

Without one the compressor cycles a lot. It'll shut off in between tires, not be running while you are hooking up air hoses, not filling a tank while you are heading to the air up spot, and not holding air afterwards.

Using one gives a nice buffer and gives a huge head start when you pull into the air up spot. also, when you are chatting while switching from one tire to another, it is filling.
Yes you gain a little between tires, particularly when chatting excessively. But once your tank pressure drops the pump cycles on and doesn't shut off until you stop filling- at least that was my experience.

Imagine two guys filling up truck tires with a bike pump. One of them puts a storage tank between the pump and the tire, the other goes direct- you give tank guy a head start to fill the tank until it equals the output pressure of the pump, then start a race. I say the guy without the tank wins, and there's an inefficiency to pressurizing the greater volume of air inside the tank.

Kinda like a 4" water line in your house- your water pressure would taper off pretty quick, right?
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