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What do you mean motor/noise run?

Some things I'd check.
  • Do a valve lash adjustment
  • Tune-up, cap, rotor, plugs, air, clean the PCV and maybe replace the fuel filter
  • Check the throttle position sensor, clean the throttle body and maybe verify the IAC on the bottom is working (sometimes this can get tripped up if the coolant gets old & dirty or you have air bubbles in it)
  • Make sure the air intake tube does not have a cracked bellows (if you still have the stock one)
  • I would check carefully your vacuum lines and VSVs again, the one that controls the fuel pressure for one
More obscure stuff:
  • The cold start injector can leak and make the 22R-E run rich
  • Check the EGR by disabling it
  • O2 sensor and the coolant temp sensor
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