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Originally Posted by jps8460 View Post
shotshell, I noticed that you have a quote that says "i'd rather walk than drive 2wd stuff (something to that effect)" you do know that Switzerland trail is just a scenic joyride right? Don't get me wrong it's beautiful, but I've done it in my camry (a little rough though).

I'm trying to contact my wife to see when she will be off work. I think we could meet up at left-hand around 3:00 it might be a little crowded though.

shotshell do you need a hand with your rig? shoot me a PM with addy if you need some help. I'm decent with a wrench and have some spare time
My signature "I'd rather walk than drive anything that's 2WD." was born of excruciating frustration as a kid and adolescent when my family refused to purchase any kind of "useful and capable off-road vehicle". And in my trips to Colorado, I saw these guys driving kick a$$ off-road rigs, and I wanted to drive those trails so bad. SO my first vehicle I bought is the truck I have now. I made myself a promise, that I'd never be restrained to the pavement.
I know this might sound a little dramatic, but it's how I feel.

Now, right now I'm running on some worn out tires. So i'm a little hesitant to do anything too extreme. Just wait till I get a new set of tires on her, she's gonna tear Jenny creek a new one.

Anyways, I appreciate the offer for help. I'm gonna get under there and drop the skid plates and check every nut and bolt I can find.
I'm really hoping it's just something loose and not something wrong in the front dif. If I can't seem to figure it out, I'll let you know. I was thinking of taking her to Slee and having them look at her.

So, I guess I'm up for anything that Sleepy had just mentioned.
If you guys decide on one, or several, this afternoon, let me know. Sleepy has my number.
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