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Default Dont trust ye old GPS for this one

Being on a time crunch to make it back by 8, thanks to my wonderful wife for being so gracious. when I learned that my GPS had lead me an an hour out of the way of the trail head. I had no choice but to throw in the towel. Be sure to turn off at Divide.

To those I was meeting, I'm very sorry, I tried to make contact several times. Hopefuly you all found it and had a good time!

the coordinates in Well's book are correct, you just have to use a real map to find it. The "Roads of Colorado" book of maps makes it very clear.

When I arrived at the nice lady's house in BFE, I apoligized and she replied with "did your GPS lead you here?" yes mam, "it's ok, happens all the time, have a good day, ps if your looking for the gulchs trail you're about an hour away in the other direction."

So, guess I should have planned a little better. beautiful scenery down there though.

Overall still better than being at work.
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