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Default Sprinkler/plumbing help

I was trying to put off turning on the sprinklers as long as possible but it's time. The front lawn is starting to make us look like the Clampetts (not that I really care all that much) and Bec is on my case.

When I turned everything back on, there was a leak on the ball valve that connects the backflow valve with the line to the sprinkler system. So I went and bought a new ball valve. The kid at HD looked at me a little strangely since my arms look like I got in a fight with a cat. I actually just got stuck between the engine and the firewall trying to reach the t-case and transmission breather valves on my FJ. I would've preferred the fight with a cat.

Came home and stared at the valve for awhile.

<VillageIdiot>How do I get that thing off?</VillageIdiot>

There's also a leak at the next threaded junction right before the pipe goes into the ground. What do I need to fix this stuff besides a bigger wrench?
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