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Looks like you'll be learning to sweat pipes unless there's a disconnect on either side not shown in the picture. Strictly based on the picture... You'll need to shut off the water & cut the copper pipe on the right side in an effort to remove the manifold. Most likely your manifold is broken but hopefully it's just a small crack in male threads. At any rate, replace what's cracked & reinstall with a disconnect this time. Sweating pipe is easy if you've got the copper pipe & fitting cleaned (shinny) really good. apply flux to both pipe & fitting before attaching. Solder flows towards the heat so only apply heat to direction you want the solder to flow. Take your time, clean every thing really good, and be patient for the heat transfer- your solder sucks in when it's hot enough. Get the yellow container of gas, the blue takes too long to heat the pipe. You tube would be your friend for this procedure

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