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Originally Posted by breckrider60 View Post
From what ive read the after market ones are significantly better than stock especially off of a 20 year old truck? what are the odds I would snap them again? thanks for all the help
I don't think that is the case, the stock springs are usually too soft but otherwise good quality. Just that anything 25 years old that flexes will eventually fatigue. My feeling is that most aftermarket springs are either equal or lower quality. If I had to guess the reason yours failed is that your spring bushings are seized.

Finding a decent set of stock springs is you're best low buck, quick option at this point.

If you can do fabrication or want to have someone do the welding for you, going to 63" Chevy springs is an option. You usually need to drop the gas tank to weld on the front spring hanger. Don't forget to factor in that you'll need different shocks for them, too. Chevy springs travel more and by using your shocks as travel limiters you will ruin them.
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