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I may have figured out why my CV axle pulled out this weekend.
I got a new one installed today. And while I was under the truck checking it out, I noticed that the two bolts that attache the rear of my front differential were not just loose...but MISSING all together. So, Apparently when the company that installed my lift were installing it, they must have either not tightened them down properly and they vibrated loose, or the bolts were never reinstalled during the rebuild.
Anyways, looks like it definitely helped to cause the problem. That's probably my mysterious "clunk" sound as well.
Also, looks like the bracket that the differential bolts to got bent this weekend as well. So now that I have two new bolts from the dealership, I can't install them because I can't get the holes to align. And for some reason Toyota decided it would be a good idea to engineer the bracket to be installed with an 11 or 12 mm hex key bolt.
So now I'm having to wait till I can find one of those.

Also, turns out that I crushed the case for the actuator on the back of the differential up against the frame. So now I've got to find a way to fix that. A new one is $350.00 Holy Crap!

What a mess....
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