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Then, two weekends ago, I regeared the truck to 4.3 from the 4.1 that was in there. I found a good elocked third for the rear, so I have a 4.1 elocked rear third for sale. This is about perfect. It can cruise from Denver to Bailey up 285 in 5th the whole way, and I can drop to 4th when I need to accelerate quickly.

So, last weekend, I started on the rear bumper. I removed the factory hitch, and cut the receiver out with the plasma, to save time. I fabbed a new hitch portion, which will serve as the skeleton for the rear bumper.

Still working on the speed and stickout length. Getting too erratic here, but practice makes perfect.

Here is the finished product

I had some other pics but they didn't come out. I cut the frame off just behind the rear body mounts, and re did it in 1/4" plate, extending back along the inner part of the frame. Here is a shot of the back end, but nothing was done in this pic

More to come.

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