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Default Trailer Hitches

Considering adding a hitch to our Tacoma since a proper bumper is not in the cards anytime soon. Need a decent place for a recovery point and for the bike rack, not to mention to pull trailers.

The above site have as examples Hidden Hitch, Drawtite, Curt. I had a Hidden Hitch on my Ranger many, many years ago. I never towed much with it but I remember it was a painted black bracket with a 2" square hole bolted to the frame. Pretty low tech stuff here.

Is there much functional difference among the brands? All are rated the same, Class III 5,000 lbs and bolt to existing holes. Is there anything from a recovery standpoint that can be determined between hitches? I mean, none are rated for dynamic loads per say, so they're not guaranteed beyond 5,000 lbs, but my thinking is it's better to select a hitch that uses 6 bolts and attaches to the bottom and side of the frame over one that uses 4 bolts and attaches only to the bottom because it's /probably/ stronger beyond its rating, not to mention under less stress normally.
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