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Default FJ40 Brake Booster Options?

So, my pedal has been getting squishy as I sit at a stop light. It has a really slow leak that begins to drop the pedal to the floor slowly and steadily. If I can sit there long enough the brakes start to lose grip... pump a quick half pump and they are tight again... booster right? Its been more noticeable since it has become hot.

I haven't lost a drop of fluid and during normal driving it brakes straight and quickly.

I have a mini-truck booster in there now, but I was wondering what might be my best option for performance? I am most likely going to do the rear disk swap with a proportioning valve as I have slowly collected a lot of the parts over the past few years since running the trailer.

Can I use an 80 booster? Any other good/available options? Treeroot, did you just do this conversion? Was it plug and play or was there any fab work?

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