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Originally Posted by timmbuck2 View Post
In high school and college sports, the coach always called me Buck. My first email address on Netcom was tbuck (which a lot of hockey teammates still call me) and when I finally switched from Netcom I thought timmbuck2 was cool. Kind of short hand for Timm Buchanan.....
That's funny, I always thought of this joke when I saw your screen name....

At the finals of the National Poetry Competition the two finalist were an
unlikely pair. Finalist number one was a Harvard educated professor of
literature and the winner of several previous competitions. Finalist number two
was a young Marine Lcpl. from the hills of West Virginia who needed help filling
out the entry form.
The final round consisted of each competitor being given the same word and
having thirty seconds to complete a verse, using the word.
The Professor went first. The Judge said, " The final word this year is
'Timbuktu'" The Prof. started thinking. Ten seconds went by. Twenty seconds.
The crowd became nervous. After twenty eight seconds the Prof. began,
"Across the hot Sahara sand,
Trekked the dusty caravan.
Men on camels, two by two,
Destination- Timbuktu."
The crowd went wild, there was no way that the Hillbilly Marine would ever top
The Lcpl. was brought on stage. The judge gave the word, "Timbuktu."
The young Lcpl. looked to the sky, he thought for 10-15 seconds, stepped up to
the microphone, cleared his throat, and began,
"Tim 'en me, a-hunting went,
Met three girls in a pop-up-tent,
They was three and we was two,
So, I bucked one and Tim Buck Two!"
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