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Default 2013 Ham Tech Operator Class

I've been threatening a class for a while, I need to get off the dime and do it. Please reply to this thread if you want to either sit in for the class or proctor the exam (ideally we'll be able give the test, too). Anticipated material will be substantially based on the ARRL Technician presentation with added discussion as needed or desired.

I will be teaching to the 2010 question pool, which is valid until 30 June 2014. I will be happy to discuss most any aspect of ham radio but the slides will be substantially discussing question on the Element 2 exams. As in very substantially to the questions you'll see on the Technician exam.

Bring a notebook and writing instrument if you wish. If you have a Tech study manual you are welcome to bring it although I won't be talking directly from one.

The pool questions:

Brian's, KC0YRM, excellent license notes:

The ARRL's study guide:

It looks like we have a quorum of VEs, so I will try to pull together the exam, too.

July 16, 23, 30 (instruction)
August 6 (if needed for exam)

7PM to 9PM

Upstairs @ Big Choice Brewing
7270 W 118th Pl., Unit A
Broomfield, CO 80020

  1. Dan Kucera (MountainGoat)
  2. Tim Nakari (nakman)
  3. Barry Dykes (Sleepy)
  4. Terry Holben (Art Hog)
  5. Tom (BournID)
  6. Dave Kaiser (Old40Dog)
  7. Jim Sanderson (DenCo40)
  8. Marco (rover67)
  9. mjsloan
  10. Drew F. (Rezarf)
  11. Jimmy
  12. Joel
  13. Craig (walk-in)
  14. Kevin (walk-in)
  15. Open

  1. David Armbruster (Extra)
  2. Matt Farr (General)
  3. Ricardo Maestas (General)
  4. TBD

Tuesday, July 16
  • Introduction
  • Why Do We Bother Being Amateurs
  • Operating Basics
  • Essential FCC Rules and Ham Courtesy

Tuesday, July 23
  • Propagation Basics
  • Safety
  • Test Equipment and Practices
  • Basic Electronics

Tuesday, July 30
  • Basic Electronics (continued)
  • Operating Modes
  • Radios and Antennas

Tuesday, August 6
  • Exam
  • Beers!
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