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Not sure if this helps, but the split case on my 60 wouldn't stay in 4WD, the front drive kept popping out. They put it on the lift at Safari LTD when I stopped in there on the way to Moab and dorked around with the linkage and now it works great. They explained to me that there is just enough play in how the linkage is bolted in that it can keep the collar from engaging the splines in the output shaft.

Before I went there, I had chatted with Jeramiah about it and he suggested that maybe the spring that holds the ball in the shaft detents was worn out and for sure, it didn't have the positive click into and out of front drive like my other cruisers. So I added some preload to the spring by putting a screw in the spring, the head of the screw acts as a spacer. The spring was around .7" before the spacer and about .8" afterwards, and made a noticeable difference in how that detent felt when I shifted into and out of front drive.
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