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I broke out my UV-3R yesterday, but it doesn't seem to be working. Not sure if maybe the charger isn't charging the shows a constant green light when it's plugged in. I can't remember if the light changes on that one when charging, finished, etc. I'll have to RTFM. I've tried both batteries after letting them charge overnight and when I put them in the radio and try to turn it on, nothing happens.

Another tip...on my 5R, I programmed some El Paso County SAR and a couple other public service channels in and wanted to prevent accidental transmit.

In CHIRP, in the duplex field I selected SPLIT and in the OFFSET field I entered 0.0. If you happen to hit PTT it'll show 000.000 on the display and no RF is generated.

I've been playing so much with my new Kenwood TH-D72A that my Baofengs have been a bit neglected!
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