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I am damn proud to thank Dave for putting this on. I wish I could do it twice a year still, but brewery work never gets me much time for anything else!

I would like to be present on July 16th and 23 for moral support as well as some real world application stories, but we leave for a trip to AK on July 25th and won't be back until August 2nd, so being an official VE for the test on July 30 isn't feasible.

I seem to remember that RicardoJM is also a VE, maybe I could bribe him (and the whole VE team) with some to ensure you have a full team for at least giving the Tech test.

Dave, I think I still have some material for giving the test, I will round it up and try to get it to you or Nakman so you have it. Pencils and paperwork. I'll look to see if it still is valid. I could also offer the brewery upstairs room for the classes and the exam. Tuesdays usually are really good for things like this. We could do all sorts of media stuff as well as some demo stuff.
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