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Default Help starting 2F Engine.....

My son & I have a project FJ40 which is a combo of 1973 body, 1978 frame and 2F engine with Aisan Carb PN 21100-61024, OEM Distributor (19100-61100) and aftermarket Coil, but no ignitor pack. We tried starting it the other day and it would only backfire occasionally but never started. I have attempted to desmog as much as possible but not exactly sure I did all of the correct things on carb.


1) Are the all-in-one HEI Distributor/Coils a good way to go or should I stick with OEM Distributor?

2) Not sure how to wire distributor to coil since I donít have the stock coil/ignitor? Do I need an ignitor pack?

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff (303-330-5663)
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