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Originally Posted by simps80 View Post
Do you remember what they charged by chance for both the parts and machine work?
I believe the complete kit was around a grand, included pistons, rings, cam, lifters I forget what else. Obviously bearings, gaskets and seal kit too.

The machine work was to both the block and head, they punched my cylinders a half mm, they had to sleeve one or two of them, that added around $400 IIRC. They ground the cam, and even machined the inside of the rods where the rod bearings go so they were more round.

The head work was fairly extensive, besides decking it to within about 0.030" of the limit they put in Chebbie valves and cut new seats to fit them.

The machine work was about $1,600 IIRC, but like I said, about $400 of that was sleeving a couple cylinders.

They went ahead and installed the new cam bearings for me since that takes an SST most of us don't have, and they were nice enough to R&R all the freeze plugs for me.

Their hot tanking removes all carbon and grease but NOT rust. I was somewhat disappointed at all the surface rust on the exterior cast iron surfaces but they basically said not to worry about that.
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