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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
I am damn proud to thank Dave for putting this on. I wish I could do it twice a year still, but brewery work never gets me much time for anything else!
There is no reason this should be your responsibility, there are lots of capable hams within (and without) the club.
I seem to remember that RicardoJM is also a VE, maybe I could bribe him (and the whole VE team) with some to ensure you have a full team for at least giving the Tech test.
I have no doubt that it time allows Ricardo will help out. Just have to lay on the guilt thick and heavy...
Dave, I think I still have some material for giving the test, I will round it up and try to get it to you or Nakman so you have it. Pencils and paperwork. I'll look to see if it still is valid. I could also offer the brewery upstairs room for the classes and the exam. Tuesdays usually are really good for things like this. We could do all sorts of media stuff as well as some demo stuff.
Glad you mentioned it, I do not have the ARRL slides and have never set up a testing session. I can hit you offline for the 4-1-1.

Big Choice would be a fine classroom. Since I'm not a paid member of the club and have not been to a meeting in years, I'm not sure what I have to do to reserve the Stevinson meeting room, so alternative locations are not a problem for me. Does anyone have a strong preference? One thing about using Stevinson is that they are very strict about being out of there on time. This cuts both ways, keeps things moving but also can cut short discussion.
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