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So, I ended up buying a couple keys and a HamGadgets MK-1, so I've been practicing with those. The MK-1 is a bit overkill for a practice oscillator , but I have future plans for it. I ended up with a Vizkey and a tiny, micropaddle from KK5PY which fits in a film canister (for future SOTA stuff!)

I have C, Q, W, 0, A, L, E, M, K, R, S, O down...that's almost half the alphabet and a number!

I've been learning at 20 characters/15 words per minute. I've been using Koch Morse Trainer Pro (KMT Pro) on my Android. Go to lunch, grab your paper and pencil, throw some headphones on and copy away for 15-20 minutes.

Trying to finish my degree is definitely my top priority, but it's been fun to sit, listen and try to copy stuff. I don't know how the heck folks can send/rcv that super fast stuff! Once I have all the letters down I'll probably download the files from W1AW and try copying those.

Oh, and the KX3 dreams are on hold for a bit. I want to get a nice battery backup/go-kit set up before I buy that. I'm really liking my Kenwood HT, so I'll build that up with a Kenwood TM-710A. I wish I would have bought a dual-band mobile rig instead of the FT-2900R since the ARES guys down here use both bands.

So, Dave have you been doing any CW practice?
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