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Originally Posted by baja1d View Post
Just checked with one of our Car Seat Tech (all new fireman have to get certified) & he's claiming that there is NO age, height, or weight requirement. Rather, if equipped, the vehicle's airbags must be disabled & the child's weight must be compatible with the car seat.
Did he pass the test? Here is the wording taken directly from the motor vehicle code:

Colorado law requires that booster seats adhere to manufacturer usage and federal guidelines, such as placing children in the backseat of vehicles or in the front seat of vehicles without passenger air bags.

1 to 4 Years Old, 20 to 40 pounds
Colorado law requires that children who are 1 to 4 years old and weigh 20 pounds up to 40 pounds wear safety belts and be secured in forward-facing car seats.

4 Years Old or At Least 40 Pounds
Child booster seats, which are useful in properly positioning safety belts on children, are used with children from 4 years of age or at least 40 pounds to 6 years of age or 55 inches in height.

6 Years Old or At Least 55 Inches Tall
Colorado law requires that children 6 years old or older or children at least 55 inches tall wear safety belts. At this age or height, car booster seats are not necessary, but the use of safety belts is still required.

So the cop could have rightfully claimed the front seat passenger looked younger than 6, which would have meant it was OK to be in the front seat but in a booster seat. Older than 6 and taller than 55" would mean just a seat belt. Same rules apply to the back seat too.
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