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Originally Posted by MisledYouth View Post
Has the club ever done a "trail fix" clinic?
Pretty much every year at Cruise Moab, you get to watch and/or participate in fixing broken birfs, broken pinions, barber poled driveshafts, split transfer cases, cracked frames, broken axles and all kinds of assorted trucknage.

Even on "easier" trails you never know what might break and need a trail fix. For example, one year I broke a pinion AND and front diff carrier on Fins & Things, considered one of our easiest trails. Another year Keven Schlagel broke his knuckle studs on Bill Moore Lake, also considered a very "easy" trail.

Go on enough trail runs and sooner or later you'll see something break and see how to fix it enough to at least limp back to camp. That's not to say Land Cruisers are weak - they're not. But if you beat the crap out of them on the rocks, sooner or later something will let go.

That's where running with Rising Sun helps. We never leave anyone stranded, and we have more master mechanics, amateur but competent wrenches, tools and spares than you'll find just about anywhere else.

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