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Default My latest Project.

So over the past several weeks I have been building a custom storage/organizer for the bed of my truck. Well, I have now finally completed it and gotten it out of the house and into the truck.

Here are some pictures I took along the way. Thought I would share.

It holds my shovel, bolt cutters, high jack, with room for more stuff on the right side.
The drawer holds all the other smaller odds and ends like bungee chords, hatchet, machete, bow saw, tow straps, etc.
The open space in the back fits my plastic chest that holds all my extra truck fluids and other things I don't use on a regular basis.

I'm not quite done yet. I'm going to make a bracket to secure my tool box to the right corner, as well as hold one fire extinguisher right now. I'll be adding another, larger, fire extinguisher soon. On the left side I'm thinking of installing a bracket to hold a 10 gallon water jug. So I'll be adding some more things to it for awhile.

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