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Default 15+ MPG in a Rock Stock '74 FJ40

I did it! When I got my truck I was getting 11 mpg. After getting it thoroughly dialed in (including and primarily due to jetting to the nines with a wideband), my last half dozen tanks have averaged just over 15 mpg. There are a few simple things I could do that would net me a few more including:

-fix the grindy input shaft bearing in my 3-speed transmission OR
-install a decent 4-speed transmission
-remove the air pump setup (reduced losses)
-intake (not sure if there's anything out there for this)/exhaust header
-install a vacuum advance distributor
-33" tires might help a bit, but they might hurt as well

All of these require a budget that I don't currently have, but I think 15 mpg is pretty good for an otherwise rock stock 40. Ultimately this truck will get a diesel, but I'm going to continue having fun tuning this thing as far as it can be tuned in the meantime. I honestly think 18 mpg may be in the cards.
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