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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
Looks nice and light!
Yes it is. I'm not sure exactly how much it weighs, but I can easily pick it up with one hand. It's all aluminum for the most part.

Originally Posted by L43dean View Post
It is good to be organized and keep stuff from bouncing around back there. You might consider two 5 gal. cans instead of one 10. Scepter out of Canada makes a good water can in the "jerry can" shape. Then whatever mounts you build will hold petrol or water.
Yes, I should have clarified. You're right though. I saw a jerry can holder that accommodates two cans, I think Slee has it. It either holds two jerry cans or one 10 gallon water jug. But really, I think you're right. I'd ultimately be better off with one fuel can and one water can.
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