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Default Spring Creek Father's Day Run - 14th Annual - Sunday June 16th

Bring your father! Bring your kids! Let your kids drive! Let your father drive!

I will be leading our Fourteenth annual Father's Day trail ride on Spring Creek Trail on Sunday June 16th. The trail is moderate to difficult. It used to do-able in a stocker with a good driver, but in recent years has become more difficult for a stocker, so 33s and a rear locker are recommended. With a small group, this is a half day trail. This run has become very popular in our club and will probably take longer, typically getting back to I-70 in Georgetown around 3:00 PM or so.

As always, the amount of time will depend on our group size, trail traffic and (hopefully not) breakage or mechanical issues. Tools and spares are recommended. We will be in cell phone coverage most of the way, and within hiking distance of civilization.

I am told that the Burger King in Downieville is no longer there, so I'd like to move the meeting spot back to the McDonalds in El Rancho. I always liked Egg McMuffins better than those croissant things they had at Burger King anyway. We'll meet at 8:00 AM and roll out at 8:30, air down when we get off the highway in Downieville.

We will start on CB channel 4, but if we get stepped on by too many others we will switch to channel 5. The only ham I have is in my sandwich, so the 2 meter folks can figure out whatever you want.

The trail starts near Downieville, and ends up either at I-70 in Georgetown or on CO-103 near Chicago Creek, depending on the route out we choose to take. The trail gets progressively more difficult as we go up until we reach the rock garden. The "big obstacle" is the rock garden near the top. There is sort of a winding bypass, but it too is difficult, and has become more so in recent years. There are several interesting obstacles before that, including a steep shelf that might remind you of Moab, a hill where we had a rollover a few years ago, but has a bypass, another dirt hill with no bypass, a difficult rocky hill after a sharp left with no bypass, and then the rock garden. After the rock garden the trail is still difficult until we reach the meadow at the top. After the meadow, it is an easy Subaru-grade drive out on dirt forest roads to either I-70 or CO-103. The Saxon Mountain excape was previously blocked by a rock slide, I don't know if it has been reopened yet. If someone knows, please post up.

Traffic back to Denver has been an issue the last several years, with stop and go on I-70. We can take take the frontage roads all the way from Georgetown to Idaho Springs if necessary, where the traffic generally thins out. We will play it by ear (or eyes) and see what route we take home. If we drop down into Georgetown, you can see whether I-70 is clogged with traffic from the switchbacks high above. Obviously with the work on the twin tunnels part of our frontage road is now I-70 proper, so getting back to town may still be an issue.

Bring lunch, water (lots), your father, kids, your camera and permagrin. This is always a fun trail and good time.

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Happy cruisin'!
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