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LOL. He's got it pretty tricked out.

I did up his taco for him: OME front and rear with load packs for the camper, SC, ARB bull bar with an M8000 up front, I built the rear bumper. It came locked rear, and he is getting an ARB put in the front, and considering a doubler for it, to keep things slower for the rougher roads with the camper.

Plus, he went whole hog on the 4wc. Solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries, dual batt, (so he has 3 now), fridge runs on batteries or propane, propane heat and stove, winter package (extra insulation that attaches in when you want it for the pop up walls, hot water set up with a shower attachment for the outside, plus yakima bars for a canoe.

We hunted in it last year, and it was NICE, but cramped. The heated cabin was awesome, and nothing beats a warm place to cook, wash dishes, and eat.

Hes pretty tickled with it, which is to say, I think the FJ40 would need some friends to sweeten the deal (lots of friends, Named benjamin perhaps) .

Actually, you might want this when the kids are grown, but it is NOT a family friendly set up. 2 people is CROWDED. It works, but its really set up for 2, and no more. At least not the models that fit in a Taco. If you got a 1 ton dodge with the Mega cab, you could probably fit the family in the truck and in the camper. In an extra cab taco, 2 people is about it.

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