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Default Programming Colorado Connection on the Baofeng UV-5R

Running into a little trouble here and not sure if it's just the crappy radio... Or the crappy operator.

I'm following the instructions from this video:

And trying to program the Colorado Connection repeater(s) for Denver and Boulder here:

I see that the Denver/Boulder and Denver repeaters are only different in their CTCSS tones... So, if I am in Louisville, so I program for 100 Hz or 123 Hz... And if I program in 100 Hz for when I am up in Boulder County, do I have to change it for when I am in Denver?

I am getting some spotty signals at this point. I think I am hearing the station identification every so often and some really spotty transmissions other than that. Just trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong or just running into the limitations of a $45 HT.

Thanks for helping out a VERY new HAM. And I promise to get a decent radio as the funds allow.
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