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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Running into a little trouble here and not sure if it's just the crappy radio... Or the crappy operator.

both. Or more accurately, crappy radio and you just haven't put tons of hours into the hobby yet. Not sure the hours spent on programming the Baofeng are worth the investment though.. if you had a Yaesu HT you'd be chatting with Far in Vail by now. At any rate, read through the Baofeng thread I started.. i think i covered most of the shortcomings I encountered with programming. In the end I fought my way through and have a program that's fairly good, though I still can't seem to hit the 145.310 reliably for some reason. I honestly lost interest in trying to do better... as I have other radios and the Baofeng was really just a toy and most likely simplex only.

Let's hook up sometime, I'll pump your UV-5R up with what I created, at least you'll have something else in common with everyone else who's got one so when someone cracks the code to the CC we'll all be able to make the same adjustment. for the simplex channels, CM channels, and FRS channels, it's pretty solid and worth the 2 minutes it takes to fire up the laptop.
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