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$5 cable modem - craigslist - Motorola 5101U. DOCSIS 2.0 good up to 30MBS they say.
25 MBS connection (getting about 21), $29.99 for 6 mos, then $44. Install for $39.
Installer Jimmy was mostly ontime (&AM appointment, 7:15 AM arrival), rerouted all wires as requested (from middle of back of house to side so I don't see em as much), one overhead will feed both sides of the duplex I am in, installed a 4-way splitter in the crawlspace, threw some ends on the old coax to give me extra, made a piece from the wall to my modem, put new ends on the piece I already had from the crawlspace to the wall, and declined the cash I offered at the end as a gratuity - said its policy not to accept any cash. GREAT experience.
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