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Default Camping Details

If available, we'll be in one of the larger sites on the right of the road as you're heading up, hopefully the big flat one before the lefthand switchback- off the main pass road, not the Leavenworth Creek road by the river. The river sites are better campsites, but seeing as how we need to be back at the bottom first thing Sunday why make things difficult- plus we'll have more space down below, the ones up higher are really best for 2-3 trucks max.

for anyone who hasn't been there before here are your directions: as soon as you leave pavement you'll go over what's likely the rockiest section of the entire trail system in the first 100 yards or so, then you hit a switchback, then get to a junction. take a right. If you go left it dead ends (feel free to explore, there's a cool spur that dead ends at the top of a small waterfall. So anyway you went right, you'll meander for a bit then at a right-hand switchback you'll see a spur to your left headed up the drainage- that doesn't really go anywhere, stay right and head up the main road. Look to the right, that's where we should be camped... if you see a group of moderately build Land Cruisers, yeah that's probably us. If you don't see anyone, then keep going- the road switches back left, then you'll see the Adopt-a-Road sign, then you'll get to another right-hand switchback where there's a spur to the left- take that, as it's the Leavenworth Creek section... we'll figure out a spot. Shout out on your radio if you feel you are lost.
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