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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I would put the ARB and 60 series knuckles on the 40.

The way I would do it is to pull the Pig axle apart and pull the diff out. Pull the 40 axle apart and pull that diff out. Swap diffs. Put Pig back together. Then do the 60 series parts swap on the 40 as you reassemble the axle.

Leave the '74 axle out of the picture and leave the questionable 3rd out of the picture. Unless you want to go through the fun exercise of rebuilding the 3rd beforehand, so you know it's good. Then you could swap that into the Pig and maybe not have too many irons in the fire at once. I would still leave the spare axle housing out of the picture though.
Thanks Matt. So in this scenario, the Pig is down until I get the front 3rd out of the 40 and stab it in the Pig. I would have the Pig up w/ the front housing torn apart as well as the 40. The might wonder if I know what I am doing at that point (not that she does not wonder that already...). Currently I only have one heavy set of jack stands.

As I am typing this, I started wondering about taking apart the '74 housing, and setting it up for the 60 knuckles. I could do this w/o affecting either vehicle. I could go through the fun of centering the knuckles and grinding the housing, and possibly changing the brake lines for the '78. That way I could have the front third out of the '74 housing ready to go back in the Pig as soon as the ARB is extracted from the Pig. Pig goes back together w/ its original front 3rd and a fresh birf service. Then I could stab the ARB in the '74 housing and have it ready to go. I could drop the front shackles on the 40 and roll the old axle out, roll the new and roll the fresh '74 front axle w/ ARB and 60 series knuckles in. New front bushings and away we go!

Now that I have typed all that out, I am thinking about how the 60 series steering arms will play with my front TREs...

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