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Default China Wall

250 miles round trip to drive 7.1 miles of trail. In the end, it was worth it to see a new trail. Tarryall Creek was in runoff stage, but not totally blown because of
the reservoir. There are some nice camp spots right next to the creek. It was me, Big Country and a Jeep buddy of ours. We didn't see anyone else on the trail
at all, but it is kinda out of the way.

Overall, the trail/area is in pretty good shape. Some of the campsites could use some cleaning but for the most part, people have been cognizant of keeping the
area neat. Some firewood has been stacked near the pits, the pit rocks are neatly placed and only one pit had burnt cans and scraps of stuff lying around.

We did see an Alpaca that obviously had escaped from it's pen somewhere. He wasn't going to live a life penned in by the MAN! And, a big pronghorn was
lying right in the trail when I rounded a corner. Kind of odd to see a pronghorn in a semi-wooded area like that.

On the way home, I-25 north was a zoo. The Black Forest fire was in plain sight across from the AF academy. We got to see the tankers and slurry bombers
drop retardant along the fire line. I tuned the HAM to their tactical frequency and we listened to them coordinate their drops and pattern.

Some pics.....
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