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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Dang....Fingers crossed folks

Is it just me or does it seem stupid, yeah stupid, that the minute they get a report of a fire like this that the don't immediately fire up a couple tankers etc to go try to douse the thing? If I understand it correctly the fire started Tuesday early afternoon but it wasn't until Wednesday late morning, almost noon, before they started air support. WTF? If you catch it when it is small, maybe one or two passes by those big boys and it is out, or at least somewhat beaten down.

I'm pretty sure the tankers were in Colorado ready to go...We were at Ft Logan yesterday for soccer and it was pretty much constant tanker flybys heading to and from the fire....
A friend was on the first engine company on scene at the 4-mile Canyon fire a couple summers ago. They had to reposition 8 times in the first 2 hours... Because they kept getting over-run.... So, even when these fires are "small", they are actually quite large and more than you can take out w/ a couple runs from a tanker.
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