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Nice pick for a camera Jeff!

Two things I've never regretted buying for my D40 are the speedlight and a remote.
Speedlight works soooo much better than the built-in and saves camera battery.
The remote was a big hit when taking family gathering shots using the delay feature. Plus, it triggered my cousin's D5100 as well, so we had two cameras on tripods firing away simultaneously!

I have a 18-135 sort of odd-ball lens that seems to be my favorite. My only other lens is a 55-200, and you can't "get back far enough" with it if you try to use it anywhere inside. Outdoors, it's a beauty!

First thing, put a UV filter on the front of your lenses. My camera wears a lens cap about 2% of the time, but I never worry about it - it's protected!

I'm looking forward to all the pictures. Play around with depth of field and also take some really small aperture, long exposure shots from a tripod. You can take photos that will amaze us!

I love digital. It gives idoits like me a chance to get a good shot every couple hundred.
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